The PIPE Company LLC has developed a unique pathway and ecosystem for the commercialisation and financing of EU & Global university-derived R&D/IP backed spin-out & growth companies, including associated SME/start-up partners. 

Companies created by universities as start-ups perform 4 x better than their industry peers. 90% of companies born out of universities are still in business and producing revenue in year 5 compared to only 20% of start-ups that do not have university connections?

The core team has been working with EU and US universities in various ways since 2012 on the protection and commercialisation of R&D/IP projects to produce high value/high performing companies and to provide investment funds of up to €2m.

The solution is comprised of three integrated strategies: (i) a decentralised Pre-IPO Exchange (“PIPE”), (ii) a traditional investment vehicle (The PIPE Fund or “The Fund”) and (iii) a corporate incubator to focus commercial action on Science, Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing projects (“STEaM PIPE”). 

Target R&D projects enter the STEaM PIPE incubator and The Fund reports progress through a family of smart contracts within the PIPE decentralised application (“DApp”). This incubation continues until portfolio companies are able to list proprietary digital assets on the PIPE and/or The Fund is able to exit the investment, thus distributing generated profit to authorised Fund participants. 

Capital raised in The Fund via an equitable token sale is invested across a portfolio of growth companies. Investors’ rights are attached to blockchain-based digital asset, the PIPE Token (“PTK”), which will be listed on the PIPE to establish a secondary market. 

The overall ecosystem offers a decentralised solution for investors and innovative growth companies, combining the transparency and efficiency of blockchain with the trusted nature of traditional frameworks.

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